👁️Monitor Wallets

Tracking smart wallets can be a good way to get an edge on the market. This strategy is often used to find good tokens early or copy the trades of a smart trader.

With the Jungool trading bot, you can set up a custom list of wallets to monitor. Whenever these wallets make a buy or sell, you will receive a private message from @BagheeraAlerts_bot with the transaction information.

Getting Started

First, click Monitor Wallets from the main menu. Click the "Start" button and follow the instructions to give the alert bot permission to message you.

Add Wallets

Now that your alerts are ready, click "Bulk Edit" to add your wallet list following the format shown. If you would like to reset your list entirely, click "Clear All'.

You can only monitor up to 3 wallets on our free plan. Subscribe to the Pocket Watcher to monitor up to 30 wallets!

Receive Alerts!

Now that your wallet list is set up, you will receive direct messages from @BagheeraAlerts_bot whenever these wallets make a trade.

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