Handling Current Positions

This part of the trade may initially be intimidating but in all actuality, it simply takes awareness and follow-through with your plan.

To re-cap we have:

• Done our due diligence to assume that this contract has a decent chance of gaining traction

• Defined our risk and have devoted an amount that we are willing to lose

• Made the fair assumption that this position has the potential to get to a higher market cap

• Entered a position at an optimal point by using Bagheera in which it may either do multiples or fail

From here, we essentially need to monitor the price action on a more macro basis and allow it to develop over the coming hours/days. There will always be large swings in price in either direction for countless reasons (ie. heavy positions transacting, project updates, FUD, etc).

What your key role is during this is to partially take profit on large swings to the upside – feelings of euphoria are an instant trigger to reduce exposure.

If you have used Bagheera, you should already have the contract approved to sell and can also utilize Bagheera to reduce a portion of your position on the swings.

It is also important to not panic sell your whole position on the first red candle/ downside swing. Again, there are many reasons for price to swing but does not mean that “its all over”. Trying to envision a more macro outlook vs. micro outlook could save you from missing out on the upcoming bids back up.

These coins are low liquidity and extremely volatile. A huge dip can be caused by a few large sells - 80% corrections are common in crypto. Do not panic at the first sign of red in a chart. No coin that has gone to 100M+ did so without multiple 80%+ corrections along the way.

Alternatively, some of these coins can have short life-spans so at the same time do not get overly greedy. As mentioned previously, there is NO perfect science. All you can do is your best to have mental fortitude and simply take profits on the moves up.

Key Mental Notes

• Do not increase your risk out of FOMO or spite – consistency is key

• Revenge trading will burn you. If you lose, don’t chase a win to make it back. This is a common trap gamblers fall into. FOMO trading will burn you - missing a winner and making bad decisions because you didn’t catch it

• A win is a win! Many profitable traders sell “too early”. There is always another trade to be made in this market. The same mindset that will allow someone to hold to 100x will have them hold it all the way back to 0. The goal is to MAKE MONEY.

• It may help to look at your position in terms of USD rather than ETH. Would you be happy if you deposited that amount of USD into your bank account right now? If so, sell.

• Enter a position with hopes, not expectations

• Do not get attached to a project and understand when its time to move on

• This is a PVP market - every time you enter into a trade you are entering into someone else trading plan. When you are buying, are you getting a good deal or is the seller? When you are selling, are you getting a good return or is the buyer getting a good deal?

• Positions should be monitored 24/7. Advised to reduce/close positions when unable to actively monitor – especially if your size becomes high

• Do not continuously add to a sinking position because it “has to eventually go up”.

• 99% of coins die in this market. Not every coin “is the next SHIB”. Do not get caught up reading telegram messages and thinking you found something great. Any telegram or twitter users saying “this coin is the next shib” are also planning their own exit. Do not fall for it. Don’t drink the Kool aid.

• If you notice FUD in their chats – do your best to verify the validity instead of panic selling

• Always leave a moon bag – there is always a possibility there are multiples left in the tank

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