👥Referral Program

The Jungool referral program allows you to give friends a discount on our tool suite while earning rewards yourself.


A sign-up referral link creates a wallet for the new user in the Jungool trading bot.

The user who signed up will receive a 10% discount on all trading fees.

The referer will receive 10% of the trading fees collected from this user.

Signup referral links look like this.


Get Started as a Referer

Getting started as a referer is very simple. Click the "Referrals" button from the main menu to access the referer menu.

First, your signup link is displayed. Click the link to copy it to your clipboard and start sharing with others!

Next, you can view all your payout information. Payouts occur bi-weekly and are sent in ETH to the payout address you set. A minimum of 0.01 ETH must be pending in order to fulfill the payment.

You can edit your payout address at any time by clicking the "Payout Address" button. Please make sure it is a valid Ethereum address!

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