🛠️"Buy with Jungool" Integration

Any trading tool can integrate the "Buy with Jungool" feature into their tool. This integration allows users to quickly purchase a token through the Jungool trading bot.

This adds value to your tool while also giving tool owners the opportunity to earn rewards through referrals.

Get Started

You will need a Jungool referral profile to get started. Simply go to https://t.me/jungool_bot and click "Start". A profile will automatically be generated. From here, you can click "Referrals" to view your referral code.

To create a "Buy with Jungool" link, simply follow this format:




Your users will receive a 10% discount on trading fees made with your link.

You will receive 10% of any trading fees generated through this link.

Custom Integrations

If you are a tool owner looking to integrate these, feel free to contact us for custom referral plans that may suit your user base. Just DM us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/thejungool

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