Wallet Tracking

A key upside to the blockchain essentially being a public ledger is that you can follow the flow of money and have complete visibility on who is buying what – and when they are doing so.

Wallet tracking is another indicator that can assist in noticing a project earlier than the masses.

πŸ‘€Pocket Watcher

Although you won’t want to blindly follow others, using these tools can allow you to become aware and further allow you to do some research to see if it is a potential play. It can also provide confluence knowing that certain wallets are buying into something you may already have a position in.

Within the Jungool there are already a handful of pre-made channels with handpicked wallets that have either found other successful projects early and/or are considered β€˜smart money’.

Further, you can also set up your own custom-made channel which includes wallets that you either are already tracking manually or using Zerion which are challenging and more time consuming to stay on top of.

βš™οΈCustom Pocket Watch Setup

By monitoring these channels, you can find further success yourselves.

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