🤖Trading Bot

The Jungool Trading bot simplifies the process of analyzing, buying, managing, and selling tokens directly through Telegram.

I. Get Started

  1. Go to https://t.me/jungool_bot and click "Start".

  2. 3 new wallets will be created for you. Save the private keys somewhere safe. It is recommended to import them into MetaMask.

  3. Transfer ETH into at least one wallet. The bot uses ETH for buying and selling tokens.

Private keys are securely encrypted + stored using industry-standard security practices.

II. Sniping / Buying

The bot supports sniping new launches + regular buys. If a token is not yet live, the bot will wait until the token adds liquidity + enables trading and then submit the buy in the first possible block.

To start a new buy, paste a contract address into the bot. The buy form will appear with some basic information about the token.

Buy Form

There are 3 parts to the buy form you must fill out in order to submit a buy.

I. Wallet Selection

Select the wallets you want to submit a buy for. A separate buy will be placed for each wallet selected.

II. Buy Amount

When selecting a buy amount, you have two options:

  • ETH - the bot will swap ETH for as many tokens as possible at the current market price.

  • % tokens - the bot will swap as much ETH as needed for this amount of tokens. This is useful when looking to snipe a "max bag" at launch. Be careful as this can be expensive.

You can select a preset amount or enter a custom amount. When entering a custom token amount, use the exact number of tokens you want to receive out.

III. Slippage Type

Select the type of slippage you want to use for the buy.

  • Launch - The best option for volatile tokens with high volume. Ensures your buy gets through while the price is moving quickly.

  • Smart - The best option for tokens with lower volatility. Ensures your buy gets through with optimal slippage while avoiding MEV bots.

  • Custom - Custom slippage option in %, the value should be from 1 to 10000.

Jungool has the option to wait for contract events such as liquidity lock, burn, or contract renounce before submitting the buy. Click here to learn how!

Submit Buy

Once you have selected wallet(s), buy amount, and slippage type, a purchase button will appear. Click this and the status of your transaction will display + automatically update.

Once you submit a buy, your buy form settings will automatically save and prefill the next time you submit a buy!

Once your buy goes through, the position monitor will show your current positions.

III. Monitor Position + Sell

The position monitor is where you view active positions + execute sells.

The position monitor shows up to 10 tokens at once and will automatically update with the latest prices for 24 hours after being prompted.

This can be prompted by clicking "Sell" from the main menu or typing /monitor. It will also be shown automatically after each buy or sell.

Each token will display the current market cap, liquidity, and tax of each token.

Below the token information, you can see the current position data for each wallet holding the token. This includes the wallet's initial investment, the current value, and the ROI.

To execute a sell, select positions(s), % to sell, and slippage type. Once these are selected a sell button will appear. Click this and the status of your transaction will display + automatically update.

You can select multiple positions at once to sell. This makes it easy to quickly cash out multiple tokens or wallets at once.

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