🌴Discord Server Integrations

The Jungool Discord tool suite comes in the form of a discord bot, Bagheera. Bagheera integration entails access to:

  • Full sniper bot

  • Live analysis command

  • Curated alerts

Let's walk through what each of these does + learn how you can fully leverage the power of the tools that are now available on your server.

Sniper Bot

Bagheera can buy, manage positions, and sell all from Discord. To get started, head to the #sniper-setup channel. Full sniper setup guide here.

Generate a wallet, fund it with ETH, and tweak your user settings. You are now ready to begin trading. The sniper bot is useful for general trading as well as sniping the first block of new launches.

The sniper can execute buys and sells seamlessly from our alerts and analysis, making it an extremely effective tool when used alongside them.

Note: There is a 1% transaction fee on all transactions placed through the bot.

Live Analysis Command

The live analysis command is extremely useful when preparing to make a trade. The command will generate an in-depth analysis of the token that updates in real-time for 10 minutes. This makes it easy to catch important events such as liquidity lock and contract renounce, then purchase instantly after your buy criteria are met.

This command can be used in general chat channels making it easy to share a token with other members of your group.


?contract or ?symbol


You can quickly buy and sell tokens from any alert. There are two types of transactions - Buy / Sell and Quick Snipe.

Quick Snipe will instantly buy the token with your default buy amount and slippage. There will be no confirmation before the transaction is sent.

Buy / Sell allow you to set the amount, slippage, and max gas fees manually. If you leave max gas blank it will use the optimal gas fee for the current network prices. A confirmation message will be sent reviewing your transaction details. Click "Confirm" to send the transaction.

Curated Alerts

Bagheera offers a number of alert channels that can be useful for different trading strategies. Let's break down what each channel does.

New Contracts: Alerts when a new token contract is deployed. Contracts are deployed before trading goes live.

Scanned Contracts: Alerts when a newly deployed contract is verified and passes some basic security requirements. These alerts will happen before the token is live, making this channel a useful way to snipe new launches.

All New Pairs: Analysis of tokens once trading has gone live. These alerts have much more information than new-contracts / scanned-contracts since the token is now live and available to trade. These alerts are not filtered for quality and are extremely high risk.

Bagheera Is Interested/Basic Filter: Live tokens that pass a base-level quality filter. These tokens still carry a high level of risk.

Liquidity Burned: Tokens that pass a base-level quality filter will be alerted here the moment the liquidity is burned.

Telegram Calls: A curated list of Telegram callers is aggregated into this channel, alerting when a caller mentions a token. This is broken down into "Quality" and "Degen" channels. Degen calls are usually from callers who follow a higher-risk strategy.

Potential Trading Strategies

Bagheera provides a lot of information which can be overwhelming. To filter out the noise, it is recommended to pick channels that benefit your trading strategy the most, then mute other channels that you won't use.

Some trading strategies people use with success:

  • First block snipe from Scanned Contracts

    • Scanned contract alerts usually contain a website and socials. Quickly scan the links of the token and decide if you think this token may do well. Once you see a token you'd like to snipe, click "Buy" to start a new snipe.

    • Bagheera will monitor until trading is enabled and submit a transaction in the same block. This is a high-risk strategy but can reap huge rewards due to Bagheera's ability to place a buy transaction at the lowest market cap possible.

  • Pick from Basic Filter

    • Basic Filter alerts on tokens that have already started trading and pass a base-level quality filter. Since the token is already live this allows for a slightly lower risk in trading. You can check the projects socials, get an in-depth analysis of the token, and wait for important safety checks such as honeypot, liquidity lock, and contract renounce.

  • Follow Liquidity Burn

    • When a project burns liquidity, this means that the initial liquidity put into the project is now burned forever and therefore can not be "rugged". This can indicate the deployer has serious intentions to push the project rather than rugging.

    • Liquidity Burn alerts will alert when a token that passed the basic filter has burned the liquidity. Use a similar strategy as when picking from basic filter.

  • Follow Telegram callers

    • Telegram callers typically have something to gain when they mention a token. They may have tokens or got paid in ETH by the team in exchange for promotion. Therefore it is crucial not to blindly buy a token just because a caller mentioned it.

    • However, this can be a profitable strategy as it can indicate a project is putting an effort into marketing a token, or it has some utility or narrative that makes a caller want to push it.

    • When a caller mentions a token, their message as well as an updated analysis of the token will alert in the channel. Some callers have better success rates than others, so pay attention to who the caller is. You can buy with Bagheera from these alerts.

  • Utilize your community

    • Often times the best tokens are mentioned in your community chat by other members. Use the analysis command in general chat to discuss tokens you are watching with others. Working with others often leads to finding the best gems.

These are just a few of the trading strategies people employ when using our tool suite. It is ultimately up to you to come up with a strategy that works for your trading style.

Read our Trading Guidebook for more tips + tricks.

Our tools are extremely effective when you couple our sniper bot with the alerts and analysis provided. Learn how to use them, and find your edge. 🐯🌴

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