Contract Limit Orders

When trading new launches, contract events such as contract renouncement, liquidity lock, and liquidity burn are required to make a token safe and attractive to investors.

With Jungool, you can easily set Contract Limit Orders to wait for these events to take place before submitting your buy.

Create Buy

Paste the contract you would like to buy as normal. If the liquidity is unlocked or the contract is not renounced, you will have the ability to select "Wait for Lock" "Wait for Burn" and "Wait for Renounce".

Select Contract Event Options

Contract Renounce - This means that the contract code can no longer be changed. This prevents malicious code from being added after launch. This alone does not guarantee a contract is safe but is often a good sign.

Liquidity Lock - The initial liquidity is locked into a safe address for a set time. This prevents the developer from "rug pulling" and removing the ETH in the liquidity pool, making the token unsellable.

Liquidity Burn - Similar to a liquidity lock, however, the liquidity is sent to a dead address. This means that there is no "unlock" time and the liquidity is forever stuck on the blockchain. This makes a rug pull impossible.

Select which events you would like to wait for before your buy is placed.

If you select both Lock and Burn, the bot will wait for the token to either lock or burn liquidity before proceeding.

Submit Buy

Submit your buy as normal. The status will update to show you what event it is waiting for. Once all events have occurred, the bot will submit the buy right away with no action required on your part!

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