Position Entering Methods

Throughout this section we will go over two main methods of getting into a position once we have set our target on a specific ticker.

We can either use Bagheera to set a buy prior to liquidity being added or after liquidity has been added. Both have their pros and cons which we can briefly note below.

If we are setting our buy prior to liquidity being added we have the capability of entering on the same block as liquidity addition – this means we get an extremely low entry point if the price action has momentum right from launch. The downside to this is that you CANNOT use the Honeypot or Tokensniffer tools to check if it has red flags – you would need to manually check the contracts code.

You can get caught up on how to enter new contracts or new pairs here:

πŸ†•pageSnipe New Launches

If we are setting our buy after liquidity has been added, we CAN use the Honeypot or Tokensniffer tools to notice any red flags. Though the key downside is missing a potential optimal entry, failed transactions from large price movements, and the chance of potentially getting sandwiched by bots.

TLDR: Both methods have their perks and downfalls – but both can be used with success. Don’t assume that you have β€œmissed” the opportunity if price has started to move and you are not in position yet. You are still either buying β€œextremely” early or β€œvery” early.

A coin should have enough momentum to outpace our entry if we are following the groundwork laid out within this guide. Though as we all know, there can be various types of malicious behavior outside of our control that can ruin price – that’s the nature of the beast.

Again – Bagheera can assist us with both types of entry styles.

It may sound complicated, but it’s made easy for us members.

Lastly, it is an absolute must to have a plan and goals in place prior to taking ANY action whatsoever.

Key Mental Notes

β€’ Have a set amount of risk per attempt – varies on your bankroll – 0.05E is common

β€’ Always adapt to the meta, it can change in a moments notice

β€’ Try to be aware of your emotions – the more robotic the better

β€’ Don’t flip-flop your bias based on low time-frame swings – let it play out as your risk is low to begin with

β€’ Sometimes everything plays out very quickly, and 1-2 minutes can change the outcome. Learn to be fast and make your tx go through quickly

β€’ Let your winners ride – trim profits on the way up

Now that we have found the ticker we want, entered a position, and have a set plan – it’s time to be a holdoooor and watch to see how it plays out.

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