🔫Sniper Setup

Bagheera makes it easy to buy, sell, and manage positions through Discord.

I. Generate a wallet

  1. Go to the #sniper-config channel in Discord. Click "Start".

  2. A new sniping wallet will be created for you. Save the private key somewhere safe. It is recommended to import it into MetaMask.

  3. Transfer ETH into your new wallet. Bagheera uses ETH for buying and selling tokens.

II. Place a transaction

You can quickly buy and sell tokens from any alert. There are two types of transactions - Buy / Sell and Quick Snipe.

Quick Snipe will instantly buy the token with your default buy amount and slippage. There will be no confirmation before the transaction is sent.

Buy / Sell allow you to set the amount, slippage, and max gas fees manually. If you leave max gas blank it will use the optimal gas fee for the current network prices. A confirmation message will be sent reviewing your transaction details. Click "Confirm" to send the transaction.

III. Configure quick snipe settings

You can set default settings to use with Quick Snipe. Click "View Settings" to change these.

Default Buy Amount (WETH) - Default WETH value to spend when quick sniping.

Default Sell % - Default percentage of your tokens that will be entered for a sell.

Default Slippage % - Default slippage to use when quick sniping. The max value for this is 100.

IV. Manage positions

To view the status of your positions, go to the #sniper-config channel and click "View Positions".

Your 25 most recent tokens will be shown in the dropdown. If the desired token is not in the dropdown, click "Search" to search by name, symbol, or contract address.

You can show off your wins and losses by clicking "Flex" - an image of your current position will be generated. Tweet your winnings and tag #KOTJ for a chance to win weekly prizes!

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